You can schedule an appointment online through our Link: http://prm.insighteyeclinic.co.in/appointment .You may choose your preferred date and time as per the availability OR call us on 9028050288 and our receptionist will help you to schedule time as per your requirements.

Yes, you can schedule if the slot is available. If you need an emergency consultation and the appointment slot is unavailable you can call on 9028050288 our team will help to enroll you. However you might have to wait a little longer if the schedule is full on that particular day.

You can cancel your appointment online through our booking page OR Call us on 9028050288 OR send us a text message well in advance. If you are unable to attend for your appointment, please inform us in advance so that we can offer the slot to some other patient.

To reschedule or cancel your appointment, if you had requested appointment through online, you can reschedule /cancel through our link or website OR Please call us on 9028050288.Our receptionist will help you to reschedule /cancel as per your convenience.

You can contact clinic on 9028050288 or 02046743977 and our receptionist should be able help you.

We will do our best to see you as early as possible as per the scheduled time. If there are appointment patients in waiting ahead of you the clinic staff will update you regarding the situation. Whether we are on time or running late depending upon the situation for that particular day.

Yes, we do take walk in patients as per the request. However they are informed about their wait time depending upon the day’s appointment schedule. Walk in patients might have to wait a little longer.

We are constantly striving to reduce the wait time at our clinic .However, presently it is around 20 min for a routine consultation and 60 min for a comprehensive evaluation .Patients enrolled through appointment system will be seen as early as possible.

Appointments are most often made the same week as requested. Our clinic staff will try to accommodate you by scheduling same day in case of urgent or emergency care.

You can book your appointments 30 days in advance. In the event of unforeseen situations where clinic is not working on any particular day or no. of days ,you will be informed and updated ,for any changes in your booked appointments well in advance

Yes, you will receive an appointment reminder message 2 hrs before(booked within 1wk )your visit. If you have any concerns about your appointment, please call on 9028050288.

We use automated reminder system so the possibility of not receiving message is less. However you can always speak to our clinic staff on 9028050288 OR landline 020-46743977 to address your concerns.

Call on 9028050288/020-46743977 if you need any assistance for your appointment related queries.

On rare occasions your doctor or clinic may need to cancel your appointment. In these instances it is our responsibility to ensure that you are offered a next available appointment time. One of our receptionists will call you regarding this .We will ensure that you are scheduled as per your preferred date and time.

The clinic is centrally located and is easily accessible. It is situated on the street between two well known landmarks in this area, Kokane chowk and Shivar chowk.

In general please plan on arriving at least 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Our receptionist will update you whether we are running on time or running late on that particular day.

Presently the consultation charges for a Routine eye check up would cost Rs 350/- and a comprehensive eye examination would cost you Rs 500/-.Any additional service rendered in the form of minor procedures ,treatment will be charged additionally. This would vary from procedure to procedure which will be explained to you before we do the intervention.

If you are unable to keep your appointment time, please call our Clinic no.9028050288 as soon as possible. Online appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled 2 hours before your appointment time. Last minute cancellations are discouraged at our practice so as to avoid inconvenience to patients and the Practice. Repeated offenders may find it difficult to schedule online.

The clinic is open from Monday to Saturday. Morning 10am -12 Noon and Evening 5:30 pm -8:30 pm. we are closed on Sunday.

The length of your consultation will vary based on your purpose of visit, your complaints and any specific needs .A routine refractive check up might take 10-15 minutes and a comprehensive eye examination might take 60-90 minutes based on the complexity of your symptoms and ocular health. We spend enough time with you reviewing your complete medical and ocular history to understand your condition. At times we need special investigations to diagnose your disease and recommend the treatment accordingly.

Yes, we do make an attempt if someone has missed an appointment with our clinic. We value our patients and more importantly their time. We do reach out and give enough opportunity to reschedule your time with us.

All information collected is encrypted to the standards required and used by all online services. We have a strict policy to maintain the privacy of all the information gathered by the clinic.

Patients with appointments are prioritized and seen as per their appointment time. In case there are appointments lined up before your time you will informed accordingly. The receptionist will inform about wait time as per the days schedule. We do see walk in patients as well but they are informed about longer wait time before hand.

Yes, you can certainly book the appointment through a text message. Use our clinic number 9028050288 to text us.

No, you can pay at the clinic during or after your visit by cash/card/UPI etc.