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We value your eyes ……..and we do our best to take care of them during their ill times.

We are one of the prominent eye care centers in Pune which specialize in diagnosing and treating the eye diseases through medical and surgical procedures. We offer the best-in-class eye care services and have dedicated ophthalmic practitioners who can treat your eyes with utmost care.

As a private eye clinic we have the facilities required to cure most of the eye illness or diseases which can affect your eye sight. We have a compassionate and professional approach which can make you feel comfortable during the visits. The clinic is open for patients from all sections of the society.

Are you looking for someone who can take proper care of your eyes during the eye illness?

Do Visit us to experience the professional eye care services.

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Scheduling an appointment with a clinic was never that easy. We want you, to schedule your appointments as per your convenience, from the device of your choice 24 x 7.

No need to visit our clinic or to call us to book your appointments. We are approachable just with a click, Schedule it online and stay relax.

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Our system will notify you about your appointment confirmations and reminders on your Phone, no need to strain your memory during the bad health of your eyes.

As a care, we will remind you about your appointment few hours before your scheduled time so that you come prepared.

Empowering Patients---Through Education

The most important purpose of patient education is to help patients achieve the best state of Eye health possible through their own actions.

This helps them to better understand their condition and situation. It involves and engages them in their care and treatment plans.

A high level of understanding builds trust between patient and caregiver. And most importantly, It helps patients make informed healthcare decisions.